Moldavite is an olive-green or dull greenish vitreous substance formed by a meteorite impact. It is one kind of tektite.There are typically two grades of moldavite: high quality, often referred to as museum grade, and regular grade. The regular grade pieces are usually darker and more saturated in their green colour, and the surface is seen as closely spaced pitting or weathering. This type sometimes appears to have been broken apart from a larger chunk. Moldavite is also found to be compatible with borosilicate glass and can be fused to it with ease.The museum grade has a distinct fern-like pattern and is much more translucent than the regular grade. There is usually a fairly big difference in the price between the two. The museum grade "flower bursts" are much more prized by the connoisseur. High-quality moldavite stones are often used in hand-crafted jewellery and thus enter the market away from mainstream jewellery fashions.

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