Navigation Hints

 On the right is the links bar to navigate the site. Click on the page link and it will take you to that page, or if you are on the home page, you can click on the picture and it will take to the page also.

Many categories have sub categorys. As an example, you can click on the link to Semi-Precious/Stone and it willl take you to a gallery page. The gallery page has links in the link bar to specific stone types or you can simply click on the picture of the specific stone type you want to view. Either way will take you to the page you want to view.

When you are viewing the images, to enlarge the image, click on the small image and it will open as a big picture in a seperate window. To close this window, there is an X button at the bottom right corner of the image which you can click on or you can click anywhere outside the image window and it will close.

If you get lost, on every page, at the top of the links bar is a Home link, click there and it will take you back to the homepage.

You can also use the search option at the bottom of the links box to search for a specific item.