Chevron trade beads were used as currency in Early African History as well as personal decoration of body adornment. The multi layered beads were hand made by skilled crafts people and then were cut  to show the multiple layers. The more layers the chevron bead had, the more valuable the bead. Colors of the beads also contributed to the value of beads. The more unusual the colors, the more valuable the beads. These beads were and still are highly prized and collected.

Aft - 014
Six layer blue chevrons with crow medicine beads, sometimes called "skunk" beads $200.00.
Aft - 016
Six layer blue chevrons with green square patches 1,800's $30.00 per bead.
Aft - 028
Various black Chevrons. Call for prices.
Aft - 029
Striped chevrons with green core $5.00 per bead.
Aft - 035
Old variety of trade and ethnic beads: moon beads, bodems, marbles and chevrons $3,500.00.
Aft - 055
Old orange skunk beads $120.00. Five layer chevrons from the 1,900’s, $20.00 per bead.
Vin - 001
1950-1970 red, orange, yellow, and blue chevrons. $35.00 to $50.00 each.