African Trade

Unusual king bead 1800's $30.00.
Tabular rare $15.00 each.
1,800’s $9.00 each.
Rare African Trade Beads from the 1,800's millefiore elbow $350.00.
Rare Black with red and white millefiore, 1,800’s call for price.
Collectable trade beads $2,200.00 per strand or $40.00 per bead.
Six layer blue chevrons with crow medicine beads, sometimes called "skunk" beads $200.00.
Six layer blue chevrons with green square patches 1,800's $30.00 per bead.
1,800’s Rare $30.00 each.
End of the day/crumb bead $8.00 each.
1,800’s $9.00 each.
Tabular beads $90.00 each.
Tabular millefiore beads $150.00.
Very special King beads $20.00 per strand.
Rope beads $80.00.
Rare, $10.00 per bead.
Christmas bead strand, $2.50.
Ivory Carved Passports $80.00 each.