Unusual king bead 1800's $30.00.
1,800’s $9.00 each.
Rare African Trade Beads from the 1,800's millefiore elbow $350.00.
Old fancy feather beads for your viewing pleasure at this time.
African trade beads from the 1,800's, $15.00 each.
Six layer blue chevrons with green square patches 1,800's $30.00 per bead.
1,800’s Rare $30.00 each.
1,800’s $9.00 each.
African powder glass, 1,900’s $20.00 per strand.
1,800’s millefiore $12.00 each.
Vintage beaded bag $65.00.
Vintage beaded bag $85.00.
Knitted and beaded bag $75.00.
1950-1970 red, orange, yellow, and blue chevrons. $35.00 to $50.00 each.
Vintage Czech molded pendant $99.00. Pearls sold separately.
Gold backed, vintage glass collectible parrots $80.00 each.
Japanese black acrylic and glass rare $4.00 per bead.
Vintage German art glass $1.00 per bead.
Vintage glass with gold cabs, call for price.
Vintage Acrylic and Swarovski beads, $20.00 per strand