Old variety of trade and ethnic beads: moon beads, bodems, marbles and chevrons $3,500.00.
Old African Tribal Passport faces - Call or email for price.
Etched carnelian collected in the middle east $2500.00.
Large carved Naga shell disks $20.00 each disk.
antique silver from India neck ware $5.00 per gram
Modern decorated Argentinian gourd with brass straw used for typical herbal beverage $75.00.
Australian Aboriginal painted eucalyptus pod beads, circa 1970-1980 collected in Melbourne, AU $10.00 per bead
Indonesian beaded vessel $150.00.
Ethnic Native American handmade leather cloth lined bag, somewhat primitive, with beads and quills was $250.00 reduced to $175.00.
Old Ethnic Carnelian and SS necklace, $425.00.