Art Clay

Wow! We are excited about Art Clay Silver, Gold and Copper. This is an amazing medium, limited only by your imagination. Beautiful designs that were impossible to make with regular metal forging techniques can now be easily made with Art Clay. Contact us for information, class schedules and prices.

.999 Silver Clay
Work, roll, cut, shape and fire like normal clay. After firing, it comes out of your oven as a pure silver object. Create jewelry, beads, components--anything you can do with clay, you can do with Art Clay Silver!
Art Clay Jewelry
Art Clay is a metal clay material that you can use to make a wide range of jewelry pieces. You can pinch, roll, fold, carve, and shape it into any desired jewelry design. You can mix the different metal clays to create stunning multi-toned jewelry items.
Copper Clay
Art Clay Copper is a clay material that you can use to make a wide range of pieces such as jewelry, craft designs, and larger objects like sculptures and models. It can be fired in an electric kiln with the resulting fired piece being 100% pure copper.
Cork Clay
Cork Clay is easily molded into any shape and is useful as a core for making hollow objects with Precious Metal Clay®. Allow it to dry completely overnight. Then add Art Clay and fire it. As an internal sculptural structure, this medium saves hours of t
Gold Clay 22K
This 22-karat gold metal clay has the color and value of high-karat gold with a toughness usually found only in lower karats. Its workability is much like Art Clay Silver. It is water soluble and re-useable. Suitable for torch or kiln-firing. After firin
Paste is used to coat or paint organic materials such as leaves, twigs, or paper forms. During the firing process, the organic material burns away leaving fine detail captured in silver or gold. Can be used to combine unfired pieces, fill cracks, and othe